Defeating negative entities, attacks and energies.


By Marshall Dudley


Before you can protect yourself and defeat any negative entities, you have to know what is attacking you. This can often be determined intuitively or by dowsing.


Such groups can include the 5th dimensional entities, which are overwhelmingly positive with well under 1% negative, witches, where many such as Wicca and those similar to what was portrayed in the Charmed series can be positive, as well as occultists, government agencies and so forth. That a group is mentioned in this manual only means that some members of the group may be negative and worth guarding against, not that others in the group are not or cannot be positive. In all cases this manual is ONLY dealing with the negative elements of any such group.


1. Electromagnetic and scalar wave disruption: causing loss of concentration, headaches, fear and so forth. These can come unintentionally from your WiFi and cell phone, or intentionally from various government and communication installations, such as HAARP and cell phone towers.


For Wifi, don't use it. For cell phone towers gift them with one or more pieces of orgonite, such as tower busters (TB's). It is suggested that one TB be placed for each "layer" of antenna frames. If you are unfamilair with these devices then an Internet search for "orgonite" will give you a number of resources.


For directed HAARP or cell phone towers, ask the Angels to increase the consciousness level of the area around them to 1,000 (See Hawkins scale in the appendix below) and redirect any negative energies to quartz deposits (which can act like a 100 million ton piece of orgonite), as in Arkansas, where they can be converted to positive energy. (This was actually done in Jan. of 2011 during an especially intense HAARP attack, and there were news reports of a large number of red winged blackbirds killed right over these deposits at exactly the same time. That was I think a good confirmation that this worked).


2. Black witches, warlocks, occultists and so forth. They can send curses, negative energy cords and etheric implants. It is important that you learn how to detect any of these, if you can not intuit it directly, then dowsing can be a godsend.


For curses and negative energy cords you can ask the Angels to remove and return them. For etheric implants you can ask the Angels to remove and destroy them. To stop them from harassing you, every time they attack you, you can ask the Angels to bring the consciousness level of the area around you and them both up to 1,000. That will completely shut down their black magic until they can get it dropped again, which can take up to a day. Once that happens a couple of times they will usually leave you alone, although especially for black witches, they may attempt an attack by a whole coven.


If one continues bothering you, you can ask for the Angels to monitor for an attack and if one occurs wrap any attack in light/love and return it to them, and also at the beginning of the attack, raise the consciousness level of the area around them to 1,000. That will shut them down before they can do anything significant to you.


These people can also send entities. The hyper-d's they normally send are usually non-human, which makes dealing with them quite easy. Simply ask the Angels to remove the attachments and anything attacking you, and either bind or take them to the light.


In all cases ask the Angels to increase your area to a 1,000 consciousness level. These people have to drop the level to impact you significantly at all, and if they are unable to do that, it will drain their energy and they will usually give up pretty quickly. If you do not have a high level of protection at the etheric level or simply do not want to deal with the trash they can send back to you, then also ask that any structured links back to you be broken, so they are unable to locate you as the source of their problems.


3. Non-human hyper-d's. These can generally be classified as demonic entities. The rules of the game indicate that the light cannot attack them without provocation or request. So if one attacks you, or attaches to you, or someone under your care, such as a child or mate, then simply asking the Angels to remove them from this dimension and bind or take them to the light is all that is needed.


If someone is possessed, or has attachments, you can ask as well, but if the attachment is invited by the person they are attached to, they will not be removed. Asking permission to have them removed can be problematical because if the attachment is fairly powerful it will respond and not give permission. This will be addressed below.


Now if you are wanting to clean up an area that is full of hyper-d's you have several options, all of which can result in you sustaining an attack.


a. Plant orgonite in the area, known as gifting. If the area is really bad this can be dangerous. In that case you can ask the Angels to plant "etheric" orgonite in the area, which can also work surprisingly well. Ask the Angels to increase the consciousness of the area to 1,000, often. Note that how effective this can be will depend on your consciousness calibration, and if more than one person is working on it.


b. Ask the Angels to remove all the negative hyper-d's in the area over as wide a range as possible. However to do this requires that you have standing. If you live or work in the area then that would suffice. If someone has asked that you help overcome negativity in the area, that is not necessarily sufficient. In that case ask the Angels to increase the consciousness of the area to 1,000, and brace for an assault. Once the assault comes, you now have standing, and can ask the Angels to remove and bind or take to the light all the negative hyper-d's in that area over so many a mile radius. The radius will generally depend on your consciousness level, and if anyone else is working with you on this.


4. Negative human entities. These are nothing more than spirits of humans, whether from this planet or not. Just like people they can range from very dark to quite enlightened. While these tend to be much less powerful than most hyper-d's, they can also be the most difficult to deal with. They, as we, have free will, and that means that you are much more limited on what action you can take with them. You can ask the Angels to remove them from an area, but they can easily return. You can ask that the Angels take them to the light, and that sometimes works, if they are willing to go. You can talk to them and convince them to go to the light, which also can work often times. If they are possessing (attaching) you or someone you know, love, or have been asked to help, then a request to bind them or force them to the light will often be honored since this is a violation of God's law and you have a right to protect yourself and others you love.


Other than that the best thing to do is to put tower busters and hhgs around your house and property, which will keep the consciousness level high enough to repel them. If the entity is positive, such as a parent looking over you, simply asking them to leave will usually work, but this is cautioned against as they are likely protecting you. The addition of orgonite will not repel positive entities, or guardian Angels.


5. 5th dimensional negative entities. These tend to be very powerful, intelligent and wise. They also are not physical at all, but reside in the 5th dimension. They only bother light workers, and those who are very intuitive, channel, dowse, or have a strong link with the spiritual and/or their own soul. That is because that link is the only way they can influence you (4-d's work through the ego, not your soul connection), but 5-d's can influence 4-d hyper-d's to harass you.


They are highly evolved negative human souls (but not necessarily from this planet; most are from Orion), and thus have free will, just like human spirits, but unlike them are very very wise, intelligent and powerful. Very few people encounter them, but if you are a channeler, psychic, or spiritual warrior, then you will be a prime target for them.


You can do absolutely nothing against them unless they attack you relentlessly. You cannot raise the consciousness level around them, because they are non-physical, and thus non-local. You cannot send light to them, they will reject it. You cannot send curses to them; that actually empowers them, since it simply adds to their negativity (polarity), not to mention what it will do to your own calibration/karma. Since they have to drop the consciousness of the area around you to below 500 or so to affect you, orgonite can help, but they are so powerful they can usually do this for a short period of time regardless of how much orgonite you have around using what is called a DOR dump (See DOR in appendix below), implant an etheric implant, and then go on their merry way.


This information on how to defeat them has never been published before that I am aware of. Even when Ra was being channeled by Carla, how to defeat one interfering with her was not revealed.


The only way to defeat them is to deplete them of their energy/power. If you are a dowser then dowse their power, likely between 200 and 980. That not only gives you the baseline, but also lets them know that you are on to them, so they will know that you are responsible for what comes next. They are usually wise and understand that retribution is wasted energy so you generally do not have to worry about that, although some are like an addicted gambler and simply don't know when to give up. Next dowse or intuit how many people they are interfering with (subjects), usually around 5, depending on their power level. Remember that these entities are non-local, so their subjects can be on any planet anywhere in the Universe. Now ask the Angels to bring the consciousness level of the area around each and every subject to 1,000, and hold it there for as long as possible, and to remove and destroy any implants, including time shifted ones from the subjects also.


If you dowse you can now dowse the entity's energy level, and watch it drop as it is forced to expend its energy doing DOR dumps on each of the subjects which it has lost contact with. Over the next 30 seconds or so, their power level will drop, and most will stop the attempt when they reach 75 to 125. It normally takes 24 to 36 hours of our time for them to get their energy back. Most will not attack you again, but if they do, do it again. It is fairly rare for one to try for a 3rd attempt, but I have had them pass me off to another unwitting negative 5th level entity. Usually if they go for a 3rd attempt, they have wisened up enough to NOT waste energy trying to reconnect with their subjects, but simply wait until their levels dropped to where it could reconnect. Some will keep trying until they are stopped, like a gambler trying to win back his winnings on a losing streak


I have found that on the 5th or 6th attack I am given permission to ask that it be taken to the light or bound. In those cases they always either end up converting to the light, or being dissolved or basically reabsorbed by God, or as the Bible calls it, the "second death". I am still not certain why some can be stopped on the 5th attack, and others on the 6th. Thus far all those on the 5th went to the light, and all those on the 6th were dissolved. I suspect, but am not certain that on the 5th they can be paid a visit and given the opportunity to convert to the light (which they have to do anyway to make it to the 6th dimension which is all positive), and if they refuse are given a warning (their arrogance is not unlike what Satan was/is, which would also be a 5th dimensional negative entity). If they ignore the warning, then on request after the 6th attack, they will be absorbed by God completely.


6. Monitoring, black helicopters, spying by people in black sedans, gang stalking. This activity can come from government black ops, occultists or witches, or negative hyper-d's. They all work together anyway. The best way to avoid these is to become as invisible as you can. Use encrypted connections for your emails. Stop remote viewing by using remote viewing blockers. These can be easily made by placing two hhg's points together in the area to block, or purchasing a commercial unit like this one:


Also much protection from spying, occultists and hyper-d's can be obtained by wearing the appropriate protection pendant. You will find a number of specific ones at:


I do not own this store, and am only a customer of theirs, but have been very pleased with their products. I have found that the entity buster stops 100% of all negative entities from attaching and implanting, and stops 5th density entities from direct influence, but implants from 5th level can still occasionally get through. I have found nothing to block them. So any time you sense an attack you should check yourself for implants and have them removed if found.


7. A year ago demons were a big problem. Get rid of one, and another would replace it almost immediately. In July 2010 they seemed to have disappeared. Others also have reported that they appear to no longer be in this dimension, or at least this solar system. Revelations says that the Devil will be thrown into a pit, so this may be what was predicted, I really don't know. I will thus not go into the details on how to deal with them as it appears at least at this time they are no longer a threat.


All of the above entities or agencies attack psychically through one or more of several methods. They can psychically attack directly, and cause a heart attack for instance.


They also do one or more of the following:


Attachments - Ask the Angels to remove and bind or take to the light. Ask both, it is up to the entity as to which they accept. If for someone else, and you are unable to get them all removed by the Angels, then move up to the next level and request that the Holy Spirit remove them. If that does not work, you can appeal to God. However as mentioned before, if they are invited by the person, they cannot be removed at all.


Implants - These can be physical, but are usually etheric. If you have been in the military or abducted you might also have physical ones. They can be checked for intuitively or by dowsing, and if found the Angels can usually remove and destroy them. Physical ones might require the use of a Succor Punch for destruction.


Note however, most people are not aware of what are called "time displaced implants". These implants have extra intelligence, so if you check for them, they can sense the check, and disappear while the check is done, only to return after the check. The trick to finding them is to check if you had any implants some time ago, such as 1 or 5 minutes ago. This information comes from the akashic records, and thus it cannot avoid detection if you do this.


This method of checking something in the past can also be used effectively if you are checking on a witch, sorcerer, hyper-d, or 5th level entity and don't want them to sense your probe, or be able to follow it back to you to mount an attack. Unfortunately the akashic records appear to only be available to those who have a calibration of around 500 for themselves, and 600 for others. I am trying to figure a way around this limitation.


Curses - These are basically a wish with a lot of emotion behind it, and can come primarily from humans such as witches, occultists, or satanists, but also from someone who really does not like or is very angry with you. They can also come from 5th level negative entities. Masonic curses can come through the bloodline from your parents, or ancestors, or even yourself if you are a Mason and quoted the curses required for different levels.


All the curses except those deserved (like you really wronged someone) or self inflicted (like those you give yourself to become a Mason), can be easily removed by simply asking the Angels to remove them. This is not to imply that self inflicted curses cannot be removed, but this article is not addressing that. There are resources on the Net which cover this area already.


Negative Energy cords - These are very common, and can be easily removed by asking the Angels to cut, remove and return them to the sender. A pretty girl can get a dozen of these by simply walking through the mall from a bunch of lustful young men. All cords are not negative, you will find them between mother and child, and married couples, and although they can be negative, are not necessarily so. I recommend asking the Angels to only cut the negative cords, not all of them. A positive cord between you and a child might alert you when you are asleep to check on the child because they have a high fever.


In all your efforts to remedy intrusions and interference from dark entities be aware that asking permission is very important when checking ANYTHING on another person. This is done on a soul to soul level. If permission is denied it can be for a number of reasons. The person may be involved in the occult and knows how to deny permission. If that is the case you normally want to leave them alone. If a person is spiritually advanced sufficiently to know how all this works, they can also deny permission to protect themselves from negative entities and energies. Since many negative actions they can take can only be taken against someone with a certain calibration or lower, they will try to monitor your calibration while sending you negative energies (a DOR dump). If they get no feedback as to how well it is working, most will not expend the energy to try and do anything. Personally I deny permission only to those entities that calibrate under 200, which means they are negative. Lastly, permission can be denied by an attaching or possessing spirit.


Attaching spirits can be discovered by checking for then at a previous time, like one minute ago. If found you can ask the Angels to remove them without checking permission, and they will if permission denial comes from the attaching entity, and not the person themself.


As mentioned above, checking for a previous time appears to require a fairly high calibration, so another technique that can be used is to check for possession or attachment from the opposite direction. That is instead of asking for permission to check if a person has an attachment, or even asking if they have any, which will often give a wrong answer since the entity may have control of the channel, instead ask if there are any entities in the area where they are at, and calibrate each one, and determine whether each one is a human or non-human entity. Once you do that you can now check what each entity is doing, and if it is attached to anyone, and if so, who. This completely gets around any permission problems with asking if any entities are attached to so and so, if you have found the entities in that location, and then check the ENTITY to see if it is attached.


Some may ask why do I always ask things to be done by the Angels, when a person of high enough calibration can do it directly, spirit to spirit. There are several reasons:


First the entity might have a higher power than you, but there is no way it will be higher than an Angel, so you can have a higher effectiveness.


Second, especially if going up against an incarnate dark being, such as a occultist, Angels can break the structured link back to you to protect you from them when they see their stuff going to hell in a hand-basket. If they can figure out who was involved they DO tend to use retribution and revenge to the limit of their ability.


Third, it allows you more freedom on not getting tripped up by permissions and free will. Sometimes if a person is possessed, there is no way I can get permission to depossess them. But determining if the possession is by invitation, or an infringement on the person's free will is difficult if not impossible. If you ask the Angels to remove an attachment, they will only do it if they are allowed to, and you do not have to worry about losing calibration by doing something against God's law, regardless of how positive you thought it was. Permissions are very important, something that most healers do not understand, which can limit them significantly.


Occasionally you can have a very borderline case where the Angels will not do what you are asking for, and you can appeal to the Holy Ghost, and ultimately to God directly. I have seen this succeed a few times when the Angels were defeated by free will constraints. (This is sort of like going to a person's supervisor, or the president when the customer service person is unable to satisfy you because the rules forbid it). The higher you go, the more the rules can be bent.


Fourth this gets around any ego problems. By letting the Angels do it, and giving them credit, you get around any possibility of your ego getting inflated and thinking you are super powerful, an easy way for you to suddenly become not so much.


What I have given you above should provide the necessary information on dealing with every known negative energy/entity you are likely to encounter. But one of the most important things is to never ever have any fear, have 100% faith in the Angels and God that you will be protected. They will not let you down.


I would like to end this with instructions on constructing a "depossession station." This is done at the etheric level only, nothing physical is constructed.


First pick an area where you would like the station(s) to be constructed. It might be a corner that has a large number of accidents (negative spirits love to stay there because accidents can cause so much DOR to be generated, and they will also do anything they can to cause them). Print out a map of the area by google maps, or mapquest. Circle the areas you wish to have stations at. Other areas might be intersections where there is a lot of traffic, since the more traffic through the intersection, the more depossessions will be performed. You might also consider schools, prisons, youth camps, and other areas which have a lot of negativity and attaching spirits. I choose the mess hall for these places, since everyone has to eat, and no matter how strongly an attaching entity might try to keep the person from going there, the person will end up there anyway when they are hungry.


Once you have the map of the circled areas, or a clear image in your mind of the spot, such as a mess hall, ask that the Angels set up a depossession station there, that everyone who passes through there will be immediately depossessed and de-attached, and any attachments be either bound or sent to the light. Also ask that this be done for some length of time, such as 6 months or a year. After the time is up remember to renew the request if the area still needs it.




The Hawkins Scale of calibration.


I use the Hawkins scale for calibrating strength, power and consciousness. There is nothing sacred about this scale, it is simply convenient, and the "Universe" already knows what this scale means. One could spend a lot of time and devise a different scale, defining all the levels, and use it, but then it would not be portable between people. For more information on this see:



What is DOR.


The etheric energies run from the very low (negative) to the very high (positive or light). For a more complete analysis of this see Spirits each have a certain frequency. An enlightened loving spirit will have a high frequency, and a dark negative entity will have a low frequency. This is true for people as well, since everyone does have a spirit. Often people can feel uncomfortable around negative people, so much so that they can sometimes actually get physically sick. In all cases, a low frequency is associated with dark, and the higher frequency with light. Areas can also carry a certain frequency, those which have had a lot of dark things happen can contain a lot of DOR and feel heavy, or elicit other negative emotions.


This life energy was discovered early in the 20th century. It was given the names of orgone energy (OR or POR) and dead orgone energy (DOR), which as it turns out is nothing more that the energies we have been talking about, where the orgone or life energy would be what we are calling positive energy, and the dead orgone energy is what we would call negative energy. Much research has been done in this field, without some of the researchers realizing that these energies are exactly the same ones that sensitives have been describing for centuries.


A DOR dump is when an entity, whether it be a human dealing in the dark arts or a 4th or 5th dimensional entity, will have to drop the calibration of the area down to do anything negative. A high calibration, or light, blinds them, or interferes with them so they are unable to do most things. So they will lower the calibration of the area first with a DOR dump. See the above link for more information about DOR as well.


DOR is generated by misapplication of POR by entities, such as humans. This is why black witches, occultists and so forth do negative things at their "meetings", to generate DOR. The most intense and largest amount of DOR is generated by a blood sacrifice, the more innocent the victim, the more DOR is generated. Thus a lamb (or Lamb of God) will produce a very large amount of negative energy which the negative entities feast on. Much DOR is generated by the negative emotions of fear, hate and so forth, and that provides the desire for negative entities to cause these things since DOR is their "food".


Since DOR is not easily generated by 4th dimensional entities, they must get humans to generate it, then transport it to where they want it. So for a DOR dump to occur there must be a source of DOR within a few miles of your location. It could be a drug house, a slaughterhouse, pet groomer, the meeting house of a secret society, cemetery or anywhere that DOR is generated. A "bucketful" of DOR can then be picked up and dumped on your location. However the process is inefficient, and the further away the source, the more DOR is lost on the way, like a leaky bucket. This is why it can be so helpful to gift out a mile or more from your house with orgonite, it makes doing a DOR dump on you increasingly costly and difficult for the negative entities to do.



Other resources


Although methods have been presented to defend agains negative energies and entities, there are other methods available as well. This essay focused primarily on dowsing or intuition for detection and intent and Angels for taking action. Others, espedcially those who find visualization easy, may find other approaches more appropriate. The information provided at offers alternatives methods which may be of more use to some light workers.