Dispelling Negative Energies

By: Marshall Dudley

Note: this article discusses how to make an area, such as a home inhospitable to negative energies. If you or a loved one is being attacked by a dark energy or entity this article discusses how to defeat them.

The Energies Around Us

Everything is energy. Even matter is condensed energy, as Einstein discovered in his now famous E=mc^2 formula. All matter, and energy has a wavelength and a frequency associated with it. One is the inverse of the other. Thus it is not surprising that a spirit must also be energy, and have certain frequencies associated with them. Less apparent is that places can also have such frequencies impressed on them. Many sensitive individuals can sense these "energies" and often call them vibes, or energies, referring to them as negative/dark/low frequency/fearful/hateful or positive/light/high frequency/loving. Occasionally one encounters a place which due to things which occurred previously maintain a residual of negative energy. These may include battlefields, mental or ordinary hospitals, places where demonology was practiced, people killed or abused and so forth. These resonances can remain long after the events that caused them have passed, often hundreds of years. Since negative entities feed on these low frequencies, they will often attract negative entities as well.

Spirits also have a certain frequency. An enlightened loving spirit will have a high frequency, and a dark negative entity will have a low frequency. This is true for people as well, since everyone does have a spirit. Often people can feel uncomfortable around negative people, so much so that they can sometimes actually get physically sick. In all cases, a low frequency is associated with dark, and the higher frequency with light.

Balancing or Removing Negative Energies

There are a number of rituals and devices that can remove negative energies, emit positive energies, or transmute negative energies to postive energies. Some are traditional from American Indian culture, and others from the Catholic Church or other sources. Smudging can be used according to many to remove negative energies and cause negative entities to flee. Also the use of Holy Water or Blessed Water can have similar effects. Rituals such as a blessing can likewise replace negative energies with positive energies. Others feel that certain crystals can also emit positive energies, lifting negative energies up to be positive, or once again making negative entities flee. Prayers can also have a positive effect. However, most of these, although effective for transmuting energies, will not have a long lasting effect on entities, which can simply leave until the energies produced by the ritual or substance dissipate, then return. A true exorcism can have lasting effects, since they tend to get the negative entity bound, so it cannot return.

Orgone Energy

A life energy was discovered early in the 20th century. It was given the names of orgone energy (POR) and dead orgone energy (DOR), which as it turns out is nothing more that the energies we have been talking about, where the orgone or life energy would be what we are calling positive energy, and the dead orgone energy is what we would call negative energy. Much research has been done in this field, without some of the researchers realizing that these energies are exactly the same ones that sensitives have been describing for centuries. However some understanding of these energies and physical devices which can actually absorb, transmute, emit and direct them have been developed. One is a mixture called orgonite. It is a mixture of small metal chips and one or more quartz crystals with a matrix of polyester or another shrinking potting compound such as epoxy. This substance can be molded into different forms, although the most popular ones are a cone or a disc. They are typically referred to respectively on the net as a "holy hand grenade" and a "tower buster". Most sites which talk about these devices do mention they are used to transmute negative frequencies to positive ones, but they don't make it clear that they work extremely very well for negative and positive energies and entities in the spiritual realm as well.

Fortunately there is some science behind orgonite. The device is filled with metal chips, typically copper or aluminum, with dimensions that resonate with the negative energies. They act as an antenna absorbing these negative vibrations, and couple the energy to a quartz crystal. A quartz crystal will typically absorb these frequencies and re-emit them. However since the crystal has been physically stressed by the shrinking potting compound when it cured, it is no longer a linear transducer, but becomes non-linear. When a signal is introduced into a non-linear device, it will be transmuted to harmonics of the original frequency, and in the case of the quartz crystal emitted off the ends. The emitted frequencies will be 2, 3, 4 or even more times the frequency of the original energy, and thus it transmutes negative energies into positive ones.

Orgonite can be supercharged as well by adding a small amount of iron pyrite (fools gold) to each device. The amount is about 1/4 teaspoon for a tb and 1/2 teaspoon for a hhg. How this helps is somewhat technical, but here is a short explaination. DOR calibrates under 200, and POR above 200. The two do not mix, they are like oil and water. High calibrating POR is very thin, like ether, and low calibrating POR is thicker, like maple syrup. DOR is even thicker, with that near 200 being like massage oil, and low calibrating DOR like lard or Crisco. Just like oils though, if you mix different viscosities, the viscosity will normalize. For instance if you mix lard with a light oil, the lard will "dissolve" and become more liquid. Now normal orgonite does not put out any DOR at all, converting all DOR to POR. So if you have heavy clumps of DOR, the thin water like POR does not mix with it at all. This means that a device has very little range if there is a lot of heavy DOR in the area. What pyrite does is convert thicker or lower calibrating DOR to higher calibrating DOR. So you get a flow in of DOR like motor oil, and it converts it into something like thin machine oil (3-in-one), which flows back out, thins they heavy stuff like grease and lard, which then flows back to the device, and some of that gets converted to POR by the crystal(s) and some to thin DOR that flows back out to thin more of the heavy DOR. The result is that instead of needing to move the device around many times to get all the heavy POR, over a period of an hour or so, all within a much larger radius will get thinned and eventually converted to POR.

Using Orgonite

Placing orgonite devices in an area where there is negative energy will over time absorb this energy and transmute and emit positive energy back to the area. Thus over time it can cause areas that have "bad" or "negative" vibes to lose that negative feeling, and be replaced with warmth and positive feelings.

They also affect negative entities, which both find that the negative energy they are feeding on disappearing, and are bathed in a positive light which they find extremely uncomfortable. Thus in short order they will move on to other places. One advantage of using such a device over other more traditional methods is that as long as the device is in the area, the negative entity is repelled.


Although orgonite is discussed many places on the net, there are only a couple of places where the ability to get rid of negative spirits is discussed. One of these is at http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/blog/house-clearing/.

Early in 2008 we had investigated a home which had a lot of negativity along with apparitions and poltergeist activity. Once we had confirmed that the house did indeed have a number of spirits there using EVP recordings, the owners asked us if we could do anything to get rid of them. I decided to try using one "holy hand grenade" in their house to see what effect if any it would have. Although the house was about 40 feet long, and this device is only suppose to have an active area of about 30 feet in diameter, the people reported that as soon as the device was placed in the house, all activity stopped. This was over 6 months ago, and the activity never returned.

Since that time I have received dozens of confirmations that orgonite works exceptionaly well for repelling negative entities, demons, and removing non-benificial energy cords, exorcism, removing negative attachments, etheric implants and curses. Please see Testamonials for some examples.

Friendly Spirits

Note that orgonite will not repel positive entities. In fact since it tends to make the energies in the area more warm and inviting, it may make them more comfortable to be there. These positive spirits can include guardian spirits, nature spirits, and deceased relatives and friends. So you don't have to worry about it repelling these light spirits. If you don't want any of them around, ususally all you have to do is ask them to leave and they will. Be careful though if you do that to make it clear you are not wanting any of your guardian spirits, or nature spirits to leave. You do not want to lose your protection.

Sourcing Orgonite

You can make your own or purchase it. Quite a few people sell it, some very good, some not so good. If you want to make it, you might want to take a look at the following urls:

How to Make Orgonite
Orgonite- The What Why & How of it
Orgonite Tutorial for Tower Busters and Holy Hand Grenades

If you want to buy it, I recommend what is made by a fellow in Michigan who makes some really good stuff. His order page is at Orgonite Order Page

Please note, I am not affiliated with this person, but have ordered from him previously and am very satisfied with both the product and amazing support he gives.