Most of the following testamonials are from people who have had good experiences with using orgonite for cleaning and clearing an area or person. Their names have been withheld:

This is a story from someone I know, true.. She met a boy that was under "Distress" by health issues, and unseen things of this or that type. This is what the kid looked like at the time:

Here is the same kid, a couple of months later.. Not kidding.

Anyone that can see auras can plainly see what's going on here, and the difference. Even if you cannot, you can surely see the difference, right? Same kid, one is vibrant, his soul shines through, he is who he is supposed to be, without the oppression. In the first picture, he has "5" attachments in his energy field that I can find, at least at that time. In the second picture, he has "0" attachments. (Question posed - NOT HIM) His skin is nice and normal, swelling is down, his soul is back into his eyes, he has no fear.
My teenage son had a friend that was in really bad shape.. Drug addictions, sex addictions, and what I deem some sort of infatuation with darker, satanic type of things. The kid had a "Zoned out" look in his eyes, I don't like that when I see it in children. So one weekend he stayed over at our home, and my home I consider reasonably spiritually sound, with some pretty good protection. Certainly a good amount of orgonite around. The next morning this kid woke up, and told me he had a horrible dream.. Very shocking, nobody has nightmares in my home! He said "It wasn't in your home, it was outside of it.".. I asked what happened, and he said that he said in his dream there was a very evil creature outside of our window banging on the window screaming at him saying "You little bastard! You will not escape me! You can't hide in here forever, I will get you again!".. He said in the dream my other son woke up, pulled out some kind of mystical weapon, opened the window, and blasted the creature in half, it fell to the ground and evaporated. This kid did look shaken up, but said he felt "Good".. Now here's the good part, he's been over many times sense, and I detect no entities in his field. He has a VERY loving look in his face, and seems highly intelligent and focused on having a good life. He isn't into drugs anymore, and seems to be nice and friendly. WE LOVE having him around..

My thoughts - Basically this piece of crap attached to him was causing his addictions and troubles in life. It could NOT sustain it's manifestation in my home, therefore it exited the home just outside of the field and threatened the poor kid. The representation of my son blasting the thing was probably an archetype of a guardian angel or something.

My youngest son has a kid he really likes, and wants to help, but the kid was flat out demonic. The kids eyes look psychopathic, dark, sinister, and he is only 8 years old! Everywhere he goes, trouble follows. One day "Billy" asked my son to spend the night at our home, my son said "No, my dad doesn't like you.".. Billy said "Of course he doesn't, I have evil in me.".. What the heck??? Anyway, knowing the soul of everyone is pure at the core, I accepted him into my home for a sleep over. When he got here he was his usual "ADD" self, spastic, saying he is bored, throwing things around.. But I noticed a change, very slowly, over a couple of hours, he began to act normal. By the night, he was relaxed, contemplative, and friendly looking.. By the next morning, he looked like an angel, was very respectful and kind, it was amazing. A few days later his dad pulled me aside and said "Sooo.. How was Billy at your home?".. I said "He was a perfect angel".. The dad looked at me, turned white, and said "You are joking, right? Billy was actually GOOD?"... Then he said "Maybe he needs to come live with you then."...

My thoughts - Billy scrubbed off some yard trash in his field, his energy bodies stabilized, and his brain chemistry normalized. All a product of a high negative ion field, and healthy orgone field. But more than that, and most important, those entities weren't able to sustain themselves in this home, and fled. He returned to who he is supposed to be. Whether this oppression returns or not isn't up to me, it's up to Billy and his parents, and their protectors (free will). Since the entity wasn't destroyed, or sent to the light, it may have just waited outside of the field. Either way, remarkable change in the child.

My teenage son has another friend that was heavily oppressed. Both of his parents are possessed, sick, and drug addicted. This kid is in bad shape, the energy in his home is in the dumpster. The first couple times he came to our home, we smelled a "Feces" type smell moving around, frantically in our home after his arrival. He didn't smell, his clothes didn't smell, it was something else, it moved independently of him! After a couple of times this didn't happen anymore, thank God for that. He loves it here, he says when he comes over he feels "Like he is in his real home."..

My thoughts - the smell that was frantically moving around was the piece of rubbish in his field finding the energy intolerable, and getting angry. Tough luck! I won't violate anyones free will, but trash comes into my sacred space, all bets are off, it's game on. No talk, no negotiation, no games, no taunting, it's about going home, and you go now, or pay the price.
Our borther visited us recently. He had been unemployed for almost a year, and was not finding any job openings to speak of. After he was here a couple orf weeks, I put a hhg under his bed. The next day his attitude changed, and job opportunities started popping up everywhere. Within 3 days he had an interview with a company which was exactly where he wanted to live, and within a week he had an offer serveral thousand more than he was asking from that company.
In my inlaws old home, my wifes mother had routine harassment from spirits. I went to there home, and in 2 seconds said "Yeah, her name is Margaret Spears".. He dad, a soundly left brain entrenched scientist looked over, and said "Uhh, thats the lady that died in this home 30 years ago. How did you know this?".. I said "Because she is standing right next to you bud, sorry to burst your bubble...".. Needless to say, there was also a gateway in the home, so at some dates, a literal parade of spirits would go through. They eventually packed their bags, and left the home, literally sitting there, empty.. Eventually they sold it someone, at like 80% less than they wanted. They weren't interested in trying my orgonite unfortunately.

So the night before they were moving, she said some of the spirits came in and were carrying suitcases.. She asked me what it meant, and I said "They're packing to come with you."... She was like... Uhhh... What? So in the new home, sure enough, some of them came along for the ride.. Boy my wife's parents weren't happy about that! So I tossed my wifes mother a few pieces of orgonite, and said "Have fun".. She placed them, and presto - no trouble anymore. One day her son came to visit, saw the orgonite and said "That's useless junk, be realistic, anyone that thinks that does anything is a fool. Throw it out.."..(yeah, he's a jerk for sure) So thinking about it, she decided to throw it out! Within about 2-3 nights, the parade of spirits moved back into the home. My wife tells me her mother was out frantically digging in the trash for the pieces, returned them to their spots, and had no more troubles again. Her son is an ass, sorry to say.. He looked over at me one day, and said "You mean to tell me, you actually believe in God and Angels, and that silly bullshit?"... Ugh.. I just walked outside, sat on a lawn chair, and read a book. He's really something else.
After we got orgonite, I placed a piece about 5 feet from the door. A few nights later my wife woke me up and said a spirit is twirling around by the door, and appeared stuck.. I came in, the spirit goes "This damn orgonite, can't get past it, its sucking me in! Move the thing away!".. I said "Just get out and don't come back!".. It shot out the door angrily... That's when I knew this stuff WORKS! Got a big giggle out of that one..
How is this for an affirmation - A lady called me in a frantic mood, saying they came home from vacation, and found "Strangeness" in their home, disgusting feelings abound.. I discovered a dark force (we'll leave the specific name of it out) in her home, it was in the basement, living in a molded, rotten, sewer/sump hole filled with water. I told the lady to come pick up one of my orgonite pucks, toss it in the water, and don't worry about it. Skeptical, she did it anyway. She said she walked down to the basement, over to the sump, tossed the puck in and heard a manifestation of "Youuuuuuu biiiiiiiiitch!".. No more troubles, tada! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My guess, most of the bad energy is just drawn into the planet for processing. I suspect, some of the bad spirits may "Elevate" their vibration and automatically transcend to the light. Some may move off, where do they go? Someplace else that stinks still. Not entirely sure, if they move, well, not sure that's all that great, but what can we do about it?

I've seen entities get 'stuck' around orgonite, almost like they are being sucked into it, and getting really mad at that... I remember a guy that got some gifts, started gifting.. Some nasty aliens visited him at night (prob. just demons in another disguise), and threatened him, saying "If you do not stop gifting, we will torment you.".. His response? He put more orgonite in his home, and gifted WAY MORE, and they moved away pretty fast.. I got a chuckle out of that "we will torment you"...

Another person I read about took a piece to a "Channeling/Seance" thing. Didn't tell anyone, but when the negative entity tried to come through the psychic to do 'readings', the orgonite was too high vibe. The entity told the psychic "Something in here is too low vibration, I can't come through.".. Too low?? LMAO...

Negs are pretty hilarious at times with their stupidity and rigidity.


This book is recommended to reading:

Basically, the Archangels revealed that the secret to 'restoring balance' on the planet rests in our hands. But one method they (archangels) claim works, and is proven to work, is the placement of a single compressed crystal on a leyline/energy grid. They said this restores the creators 'plan' and resets any corrupt grids, and also creates a situation that prevents re-corruption. What is orgonite? Well.. Partially, it's a compressed crystal!

I do recommend this book if you want some understanding of many of these things. It's cheap, and apparently several different people dowsed for accuracy in the contents of it.

I also believe one of the reasons people that 'gift' start experiencing good things, improved health, and higher consciousness is because the archangels swoop in once the process is started. Because that person, is in fact, taking a step to reclaim the planet from malefic forces and the powers of good swarm.

Day 1 I received the orgonite today. I already have some immediate effects to report. For one thing, I already noticed a change in the atmosphere as I was unboxing the pieces. This is almost too embarrassing to report but when I held the big piece in my hand, I instantly got a sensation of pure energy. Ten minutes after I donned the pendant, it felt like someone conked me in the head. I got dizzy for just a few seconds and then felt great. That negativity that was always running in the background of my mind seemed to vanish - 25 years of depression gone. The big piece and the pendant are very nice pieces! Thank you!

Day 2

I gotta tell you that I felt like a kid again today. Actually I feel like a drank a whole pot of coffee - I'm wide awake but without the jitters. Not only am I wearing the pendant but I placed one of the home protectors in front of my computer monitor (I've been doing some CAD designs all day). The overall feeling can be described as being really "awake" without all the negative thoughts and emotions that constantly want to intrude. That does feel pretty divine to me!


Just received the orgonite. While deciding where to put everything, I stuck 4 tower busters in my pocket, & the other items on the table right in front of me. The energy was totally overwhelming, and I had to move everything further away. I can feel the home protector continuously, sitting 3 feet away in my office. My son's acupuncturist is here today, and saw your home protector & would like to buy some. She would like to put one in her office, and she thinks some of her patients might like to buy one.