EVPs and paranormal video recorded at a Rogersville, TN haunted house

Our best EVPs from the Rogersville investigation can be viewed as a YouTube video here:

The following EVPs came from a private home investigation in East Tennessee on April 1st, 2006 (in the order in which they showed up on the recording). The following were obtained during an investigation I went on with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society.

The EVPs on this page are ranked as to how clear they are. The definitions are as follows:

Class A - Very clear and easily understood. Nearly everyone hears the same thing.

Class B - Most people agree what the EVP says, but isn't extremely clear.

Class C - Fairly to very hard to make out what is being said. Can't be sure what the EVP says.

Hi Sean ... Right when we walk into the home and Tracy is introducing us, right after he says my name (Sean), you hear the EVP, "Hi Sean".
Hi Sean [Class B]
Hi Sean [raw - completely unmodified]

Hi [Class B]
Hi [raw - completely unmodified]

Why are you getting in my business? This EVP starts off as a whisper and changes to a voice in the middle.
Why are you getting in my business? [Class B]
Why are you getting in my business? [raw - completely unmodified]

Shut up.. I don't care... Tracy says, "And Donna is going to talk to you a little bit and ask you a few questions, and if you don't care to answer..." Right after the word questions, during a pause in the sentence is the EVP, "I don't care". Also, right after Tracy says the word "bit", there is an EVP which is fairly hard to make out, but may be "Shut Up" or something similar.
I don't care [Class B]
I don't care [raw - completely unmodified]

Gentle... An EVP which appears to say "Gentle". Don't know what this is regarding.
Gentle [Class B]

Roger, thank you. Brandy... An EVP in which a spirit is thanking Roger for something, and then another spirit evidentally calls a spirit named Brandy. Please note that there is also people talking in another part of the room, so you don't need to pay attention to the talking which you hear in the distance.
Roger, thank you.. Brandy [Class B & A].. the "Roger, thank you" part is a class B, the "Brandy" part is a class A.
Roger, thank you.. Brandy [raw - completely unmodified]

Roger, I'm with you... 12 seconds after the EVP above has the phrase, "Roger, thank you" comes this EVP of, "Roger, I'm with you."
Roger, I'm with you [Class B]

And him flesh eaters... That's what it sounds like to me... don't know, very strange EVP.
And him flesh eaters [Class C]
And him flesh eaters [raw - completely unmodified]

Me Blue... I guess he was feeling low?
Me Blue [Class C]

How many intities? Twenty One... I asked how many entities stay in the house on a regular basis, and got the response, "Twenty One".
How many entities? [Class B]

Roger... I asked the names of the entities in the house, and only got one response, Roger. This name is repeated 3 times by the spirit. This is also the same name that has shown up twice above.
Roger [Class B]

I need some lovin'... I guess she has gotten lonely over the years.
I need some lovin' [Class A]
I need some lovin' [raw - completely unmodified]

Come with me, Darlin'... This EVP came through right as I was leaving a room after trying to communicate with the spirits.
Come with me, Darlin' [Class A]
Come with me, Darlin' [raw - completely unmodified]

That's me... Right after the lady that lives in the house got done talking about someone passing away that owned a factory across the street and his factory stuff going to his mother, an EVP of, "That's Me". I guess he noticed she was talking about him, so he decided to speak up.
That's Me [Class A]
That's Me [raw - completely unmodified]
That's Me [extended] -- Includes the story about the factory that the spirit responds to.

Who are these people?... After you hear Tracy speaking, at the end of the audio file is the EVP, "Who are these people?" I guess we started peaking their interest doing the investigation.
Who are these people? [Class B]
Who are these people? [raw - completely unmodified]

Mine... The EVP simply says Mine or Fine, don't know what it is in regards to.
Mine or Fine [Class B]
Mine or Fine [raw - completely unmodified]

Hey, he learned a trick. [Class A]
Hey, he learned a trick. [raw - completely unmodified]

We'll go straight back to take care of these. There is also another spirit saying "hi" toward the end of the sentence overlapping.
We'll go straight back to take care of these. [Class B]
We'll go straight back to take care of these. [raw - completely unmodified]

In addition to the above EVPs which I received on my recorder, a person who lives in the house transferred over some recordings from his recorder and asked me to clean them up a little. Below is a 16 second EVP which appears to be a number of spirits playing hide and seek (or some similar type of game). Here is what I believe the voices are saying and when they are in the recording:

1 sec - (loud child voice) hiding good
3-4 sec - (soft gruff voice) your good
5-6 sec - (medium gruff voice) get back
7-8 sec - (soft voice) you got to get by me
9 sec - (medium voice) one
10 sec - (soft voice) behind you
11 sec - (medium voice) sh*t
12-14 sec - (soft voice) f*cking cheats
16 sec - (soft child voice) mommy
Hide and Seek [Class B]

Here are some more EVPs from his recorder:

Get past me [Class A]

Help Him [Class B]

Up.. This EVP may be a child telling his or her mother that he/she wants to be picked up.
Up [Class A]

Oh, John [Class B]

This EVP seems to be two spirits, one saying for the other one to sit in a seat, and then the response of OK.
Sit in that seat.. ok [Class B]

Over there.. Alright - Apparently two spirits talking amongst themselves. One tells the other to put something over there, and he responds with "Alright".
Over there... Alright [Class B]

Go forth and find Jen.. Why Jen - One spirit says to go forth and find Jen, and then another asks, "Why Jen?"
Go forth and find Jen [Class B]

Bill, where ya goin'? How ya doin', Wheaty? - Maybe one spirit saw the other spirit passing through and asks, "Bill, where ya goin'?" and then Bill resonds, "How ya doin', Wheaty?" The "How ya doin', Wheaty" has a bit of a pre-echo to it.
Bill, where ya goin'?.. How ya doin', Wheaty? [Class B]

Here, take it [Class B]

That a boy [Class B]

This is alright now [Class B]

When we went back for the reveal, we also recorded that and got these EVPs:

Right after we got out of the car I received this EVP. Keep in mind that the area we were in is an area where a lot of illegal activities seem to be going on, arson is rampant, you get shot at if you try to walk to the buildings across the street and many murders have happened. The EVP says, "Get out of the hostile area".
Get out of the hostile area [Class A]

When I was getting ready to set up the notebook computer to do the reveal I had pushed some things out of the way on a little table. One of the things I pushed was a small clock. Then came this EVP, "Something pushes clock" or "Something pushed his clock".
Something pushes clock [Class B]

These 3 EVPs from 3 different spirits came in back to back:

I'm getting cranky... look behind you... you doin' alright [Class A & B] ("I'm getting cranky" and "you doin' alright" are class A, "Look behind you" is class B)

That's good [Class B]

I read that report... and then something, but I can't make it out. [Class B]

Please look right [Class A]

Mom, leave it [Class A]

Gwen [Class A]

Got a player [Class C]

Please find them [Class B]

Won't give money to Jen [Class B]

How'd you do? [Class B]

The follow was said right when we were leaving and walking by some dogs.

Here my boy [Class C]

Edy's [Class C]

The following took place at the same location in Rogersville, TN (East Tennessee) as the above EVPs when we tried to help the spirits cross over by going to the light. We believe that these recordings are the spirits actually talking about and going to the light. We had explained that in order for the spirits to progress further, they needed to go to the light. We then prayed and asked for the light to appear so that those spirits who wanted to go to the light could do so. Two completely unmodified files are posted, and they are as follows:

prayer-light.mp3 is all of the audio including Marshall telling the spirits that in order to progress, they need to go to the light, then the section where we are praying (mostly silence during this part), then a section where we talk for a while, and then everything starts happening. This audio runs for 11 minutes and 45 seconds.

light.mp3 is just the audio after everything starts to happen. The prayer, and area with just us talking before the "the light" arrives has been removed. This audio runs for 4 minutes, 23 seconds.

Below is a summary of what you will hear in these audio files as well as links so you can go directly to the EVPs which showed up during this period of time when the light was there (most of the below links have had noise reduction done to make them a little clearer.):

1. We called for the light so that the entities who wanted to progress could go ahead and do so. (can be heard in prayer-light.mp3)

2. 7:29 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:05 light.mp3 - EVP of "Look at all the people" [Class B] - Did a bunch of people just show up through the light to greet the spirits?

3. 7:35 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:11 light.mp3 - EVP of "That Lights On" [Class B]

[Class 4. 7:38 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:15 light.mp3 - EVP of "My savior - This EVP had a cough removed to make it easier to hear." [Class B]

5. 7:50 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:26 light.mp3 - EVP of "Come and get me and set up the right song" [Class B] - This EVP came in right after the little Windows tune played after I told Windows to shut down. Was the "Come and get me" part directed towards those in the light, and the "and set up the right song" was directed towards me? Was she instructing me to play the proper song for her ascension? Seems kind of ridiculous, but that's the best I can think of for the sentence she said. Maybe she just thought it would be a funny thing to say.

6. 7:55 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:32 light.mp3 - EVP of "Whoa [Class A] - Did this spirit maybe see a light developing? Also, in the backgrond on this one, I believe I hear, "Martha, come to me". The "Martha" is before the spirit says, "Whoa", and the "come to me" is after.

7. 8:14 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:52 light.mp3 - EVP of "This lights so warm, Bergell". [Class B]

8. 8:16 prayer-light.mp3 / 0:54 light.mp3 - EVP of "What is my goal?" [Class A] - Is she wondering what she should do? Should she go to the light or not? [A little talking by a living person over the word "goal"]

9. 8:24 prayer-light.mp3 / 1:01 light.mp3 - EVP of "That ain't LaBrena [Class B] - Did someone come through the light, and this spirit is commenting, "That ain't LaBrena"?

10. 8:27 prayer-light.mp3 / 1:03 light.mp3 - EVP of "Praise the lord, Don Bergell [Class B] - This EVP seems to use the same last name as the one a few above.

11. 8:29 prayer-light.mp3 / 1:06 light.mp3 - EVP of "Watch this thing." [Class B] - Are they watching the light develop before them? Also, it's interesting to note that when this spirit came through it completely got rid of all the other noise in the room and only the spirit voice came through.

12. 8:56 prayer-light.mp3 / 1:32 light.mp3 - EVP of "I first heard static in..." and then something I can't understand. [Class B] Then an EVP of, "Bruce". - This EVP was recorded right after someone who lives in the house was trying to play us an EVP off of his recorder which had a lot of background noise / static in the recordering.

13. 9:03 prayer-light.mp3 / 1:40 light.mp3 - EVP of "Hey, you know Easter? Yea, I know that n... mmm hmm" [Class B] - Maybe someone had come through the light to greet a spirit and was saying to him, "Do you know Easter?" since that would be someone he would like to see? Also, there is a few note tune that came from the other side in this EVP as well.

14. 9:27 prayer-light.mp3 / 2:03 light.mp3 - EVP of "Would you go near?" [Class B] - Spirit asking if someone would go near the light?

15. 9:30 prayer-light.mp3 / 2:07 light.mp3 - EVP of "Ya'll found the light" [Class B] - Spirit talking to us telling us we found the light for them?

16. 9:33 prayer-light.mp3 / 2:10 light.mp3 - EVP of "Ohh, ohh, ohh" [Class A] (same voice as the previous EVP) - Did she go to the light, and the, "ohh, ohh, ohh" is her voicing her excitement?

17. 9:34 prayer-light.mp3 / 2:12 light.mp3 - EVP of "You'll see him again" (whisper) and then a weird frog crocking sound. [Class B] - Did someone go to the light and one spirit is telling another spirit that he/she will see him again?

18. 11:33 prayer-light.mp3 / 4:10 light.mp3 - EVP of "Being Alone" [Class C]. - Did this spirit decide not to go to the light and now he feels alone because his friends went?

19. 11:45 player-light.mp3 / 4:21 light.mp3 - EVP of "Who are we? [Class C]" - Maybe he is confused because he didn't realize he was dead and the people he was with have now left because they went to the light, so he is asking, "Who are we?"??

This EVP was caught by a fellow East Tennessee Paranormal Society investigator Tracy Franklin's recorder when we were at the same location. This is so totally bizzare we really have no idea what happened. The only theory that we have been able to come up with sounds like we are completely off our rocker. If anyone can come up with a better explaination, we would love to hear it. Unfortunately the evidence we have examined for hours leaves no room for anything prosaic or within our realm of understanding to have happened.

When you listen to this clip, you will hear the following:

Anthony (living person):"Who are these people, they're here to help us"
Voice from Anthony's recorder:"I want them to suffer, I hate people"
EVP Start:"bump thump bump"
Girl's voice for rhyme"Micka Nicka High Nicka Hiney Hiney Lo - NO! - shit - Micka Nicka High Nicka Hiney"
Over Micka Nicka - deep male voice"Who here will help them?"
Over the whisper of the end of Nicka Hiney - deep voice"They're here to stay"
Donna (living)"They're here to help."

In the EVP a girl says "Micka-Nicka-Hi-Nicka-Hiney-Hiney-Lo". As soon as she does this, another entity screams, "NO!" then whispers "Shit". Then, the young girl spirit apparently whispers, "Micka-nicka-hi-nicka-hiney" again softly in defiance as children often do.

OK, that part seems rather straight forward, but there is more to it that just does not make any sense. The first part is Anthony playing an EVP he got earlier. He says he thinks it says "Who are these people, they're here to help us". But when he plays it it really seems to say "I want them to suffer, I hate people". At this point the EVP cuts in loud and clear, with both the Micka Nicka rhyme as well as the low deep voice. It appears that the deep voice is saying that what Anthony said his recording was saying was wrong, with a taunting "Who here will help them?", then a "They're here to stay", and having to yell NO (and possibly "shit") to the little girl who was saying the rhyme over him. Now if this is not bizzare enough, the really bizzare part is that the entire EVP from the "bump thump bump" through the "They're here to stay" got inserted into the recording. That is, we had another audio recorder AND a video recorder running at the same time, and when we play the same sections of those recorders, not only do neither have the EVP, but the 10 seconds that the EVP lasts is not there either! The same section of audio from another recorder is posted below as well, and the section with the EVP is 10 seconds longer. How this can happen is absolutely beyond our understanding. The ONLY explaination we can think of is as follows. If you can come up with a better idea, we would love to hear it.

Anthony is saying that this recording he made says that we are here to help, but it really says something quite different "I want them to suffer, I hate people". Then, we theorize that an entity (most likely a demon we believe), actually ported the recorder to another dimension, and was taunting us saying "Who here will them?", and "They're to stay". However a spirit of a little girl was in that dimension as well, and immediately said in the ported recorder the "Micka Nicka Hi" rhyme, whereas the demon said NO! and shit, then finished what he was wanting to say, then ported it back to the same time and place it was taken. This theory is supported somewhat by the occupants of the house reporting ports of items very often (disappearing, then reappearing), by the absolutely loud and clear nature of the EVP (recorder was in their dimension) and by the fact that the end of the girl's rhyme was abruptly cut off once the demon said what he wanted, and presumably ported the recorder back. If this is what happened then it tells us a lot about shifting dimensions. First, that something like a recorder CAN continue operating normally in another dimension. Second that either time rates are different between the dimensions, or it is possible to port back to the time it was taken when returning an item.

One other thing to note is that within a couple of hours of this happening with the recorder, and the demon saying, "Who here will help them.. they're here to stay", we did the prayer (listed above) and asked for the light so those spirits that wanted to could leave. We didn't hear from this demon at all during that time, so we think he was bound while the others were allowed to go to the light. So, it's rather funny that he was mocking us with, "Who here will help them, they're here to stay" and then within a couple of hours at least many of those he was holding captive had left by going to the light. We were told by the homeowners that after we left that night that things were flying around all over the place, aparently the demon was really mad.

Micka-Nicka-Hi-Nicka-Hiney-Hiney-Lo [Class A]
The same time from another recorder

In addition to these EVPs, I also got video footage of a couple of floating balls of light. These were recorded with a high definition infrared camera. Many people at first will think that this is probably an insect or dust. It can't be, however. The ball of light is estimated to be travelling at about 42 mph which is much faster than any small bug can fly. (This is pretty easy to figure since video is 30 frames per second, and you can do a step by step and see how many frames it took for the ball of light to travel the distance it traveled.) As for dust, dust can only travel at 42 mph if there is a 42 mph wind. There was no wind or breeze in the room at all. The door to the room was shut, and the house didn't even have air conditioning. The fan in the room was not on. No windows in the room were open. This video is in the QuickTime video format.

Regular speed ball of light. Floats into the frame, stops, drifts up and to the right, and then speeds back out of the frame.

Same as above, but at 1/4th the speed to make it easier to follow.

A ball of light speeding by, never stops like in the first clip.

Same as above, but at 1/4th the speed to make it easier to follow.

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