Tennessee Spirit Mike

Improve your ability to obtain and understand EVPs over standard portable recorders with this unit

The Tennessee Spirit Microphone was developed using the latest understanding of spirit communications and scalar/gravitational/torsion waves. It contains a special scalar wave detector, which has been shown to have a high sensitivity to EVPs. We believe that an interference of scalar waves produces a gravity wave, and these are the waves by which entities communicate. By using a large sensor, it is more sensitive to EVPs with a lower baseline noise then the typical digital recorder microphone. Since scalar waves are related to gravity waves, the sensor also has a sensitivity to vibrations, and even sound waves. This detector is enclosed in a special vibration/sound proofing material to reduce the sensitivity to audio vibrations by about 10 db. By doing this the microphone is capable of receiving EVPs which would normally be far below the level of noise in a typical digital recorder so they can be heard, or recorded loud and clear. The unit also boosts EVP level by between 6 and 10 db above any background talking or ambient noise enhancing the ability to record EVPs with both low and high ambient background noise.

The sensor is connected to a special low noise preamp which boosts the signal to audio line levels, which are compatible both with the microphone input of most digital recorders with the mike sensitivity set to low, or to the line input of audio interface devices such as the byterunner UA580 USB 5.1 Channel Audio Adapter ( http://www.byterunner.com ). This assembly is enclosed inside a Faraday cage to totally eliminate the possibility of pickup of any electromagnetic radiation, such as radio, CB or television transmissions. S/N ratio of the Spirit Mike is approximately 10 to 15 db better than that of typical digital recorders such as the Sony ICD-B16 and ICD-P17 which are considered by many to be the best recorders available for EVP work. Please note most if not all RCA recorders appear to have an AGC which cannot be turned off, resulting in the recorder increasing the gain when there is no talking. This results in a very high background noise, and can make finding and pulling the EVPs out quite difficult.

The units we are presently producing have approximately a 10 db higher sensitivity to EVPs than the microphone in a digital recorder, with about a 15 to 20 db better signal to baseline noise ratio. The result is a 15 to 25 db improvement in the ability to pick up and record EVPs over a typical digital recorder with its built in microphone. Bandwith right now is 50 to 20,000 hertz. Since speech is normally 125 hertz and above the lower limit is set higher than 20 hertz to reduce sensitivity to vibrations.

The sound absorbing material is constructed such that ambient noise is both attenuated, and muffled. The EVPs are not muffled, and in many cases an EVP which is essentially the same recorded amplitude as the background noise can be easily identified because it will sound so much clearer than any people talking.

The unit requires two standard 9 V batteries. Battery life is approximately 50 hours of use. An indicater indicates that the unit is turned on, but is not an accurate indication of battery life. A special unit is available with approximately a 350 hour 7 day life, for the same cost but with approximately a 10 to 12 db higher baseline noise, and a 10 to 12 db lower S/N ratio with baseline noise. We do not recommend using that unit unless necessary for week at a time unmanned operations.

Pricing is $159.00 each, or $400.00 for 3, with free Priority (R) shipping within the US. Units cannot be shipped to Europe at this time due to regulations.

Below are some examples of the Spirit Mike's performance. None of the EVPs have been processed at all, except those that have indicated that they were amplified/noise reduced. Obviously we can not guarantee that you will successful in using the device on any particaular place or day since spirits don't always talk, and aren't always present. The first group of EVPs were obtained at the January meeting of the East Tennessee Paranormal Research society. We had announced that the mikes were there and turned on, and asked any spirits present to give it a try and talk directly into the mike. We got some of the best EVPs ever recorded when they did just that. (Taken with a long battery life unit):

Please Work This evp was obtained only 3 miutes after telling the spirits to talk into the Spirit Mike and turning it on. It shows that they were as anxious for it to work as we were

Howdy - all day Apparently in this one a spirit greeting another spirit who had just arrived. We suspect that the other spirit had asked something like how long are you going to be there, but was not picked up on the mike.

Box Testing for Evps. This sounds like a young girl testing the box to see if it will pick her up. She tried multiple times during the meeting over the next few hours.

Box Testing Same spirit, still testing the box, although not quite as loud and clear.

Is Anybody from Here? Yeah This one is very interesting because it seems to confirm that many of the spirits that were there came with the investigators instead of being attached to the meeting place, which was NOT reported to be haunted. The is a good connect/disconnect click between the two spirits talking.

More Morphine. This one is interesting because it is almost certainly a residual. The meeting place use to be a stable and horses would get treated there, so most likely this is a residual of a doctor working on a hurt horse from long ago. Notice the distinct connect in this one as well.

The next place we tested the mike was at the Ghost Walk at the Bijou theater. After the mike was set up, we told any spirits present to talk into the box and we would be able to record them. We got this funny EVP later on. (Taken with the long battery life unit):

Go White Lighning. Can anyone hear that thing? He's upset Here we have a spirit saying "Go White Lightning". When I checked if there were any sports teams named White Lightning, we were surprised to find that the girls's softball team with that name was in the same town as the Bijou, Knoxville. Also by asking if anyone could hear that thing, it is apparent the spirit was talking directly into and for the Spirit Mike. The response might have been another spirit that had no idea what was going on. There is a loud connect between the two.

The following recordings were taking from the March meeting of the ETPRS. We recorded with the Spirit Mike and a Sony ICD-B16 strapped together for comparison. (Taken with the standard low noise unit):

The following four show the ability of the mike to pick up EVPs that are far below the noise level of a standard recorder. This one is just above the noise level of the Spirit Mike. Although clear on Spirit Mike, it cannot be heard on the regular recorder at all, even with noise reduction applied:

Voice Recorder with +30 db amplification. Do you hear anything?
Voice Recorder with 30 db amplification and 4 db noise reduction. Hear anything yet?
White Lightning Hit me Spirit Mike Recorder with +30 db amplification.
White Lightning - Hit Me Spirit Mike with 30 db amplification and 2 db noise reduction

Bless the Bubble This EVP is only about 0-4 db above the noise floor for the Sony recorder. 20 db amplification.
Bless the Bubble This EVP is about 20-25 db above the noise floor for the Spirit Mike. Notice how much easier it is to hear and understand. 20 db amplification.

The following is an example of an EVP which comes in with someone talking. On the voice recorder the talking completely covers up the EVP, but on the Spirit Mike, the EVP comes in over the talking:

Voice Recorder Can't hear any EVP at all.
What's that Right after a researcher says "Barley's Taproom" a spirit asks what that is in a gruff, somewhat whispery voice.

The following is what you will typically find. The regular recorder will get an EVP, but it will be indecipherable. The Spirit Mike will receive the EVP much louder and with better S/N ratio.

Get Them All Away This can be heard from the standard Sony recorder, but if you didn't know what it was saying would likely not be understood.
Get Them All Away This one comes in clearly above the people talking with the Spirit Mike.

Pick Up This one from the voice mike is 8 db LOWER amplitude than the talking, and has a 10 db S/N ratio with the baseline nose for the EVP itself.
Pick Up This one from the Spirit Mike is 6 db HIGHER than the talking, and has a 32 db S/N ratio with the noise floor, and you can hear the disconnect on this one as well.

Come here, you take Ryan Smith right now Voice Recorder
Come here, you take Ryan Smith right now Spirit Mike

Get back, back, whatever Voice Recorder, would not have known there was an EVP without the disconnect.
Get back, back, man whatever, yeah SpiritMike, "man" and "yeah" are not heard in the voice one at all.

Voice Recorder Very metallic sound, difficult to make out, sounds like clicking. Ignore Tracy saying "being restored".
Spirit Mike Easy to understand: "Talk to me" as a whisper.

We all know how disappointing it can be to ask direct questions, and not get an answer. But did they not answer, or was the equipment simply not sensitive enough to pick them up. The following was recorded during an investigation in Knoxville Tennessee of a house that reportedly had several child spirits in residence. I ask, "Angie, are you here". Although I get no response on the Sony ICD-B16, I get a rather clear response on the Spirit Mike. (Standard Low Noise Unit was used):

Voice recording to me asking if Angie was there, nothing heard.
Voice recording to me asking if Angie was there, 20 db gain, 4 db noise reduction on EVP part, mumbling heard but indecipherable.
I'm Carl Ritz. we have a hold on Angie, oh to me asking if Angie was there.
I'm Carl Ritz. we have hold on Angie, oh to me asking if Angie was there. 20 db gain, 2 db noise reduction on EVP part.

Additional EVPs recorded recently with a Tennessee Spirit Mike can be found at the v-ave investigation and the 5 O-clock investigation.

We are no longer making the Spirit Mike Available. Here's why:

When we first ran tests on the mike we found that it improved communications tremendously, as the above examples show. We used 3 paranormal researchers during the testing, and found that we got greatly improved results with 2 of them, and somewhat improved results with the other one. Since selling them, we have found that the mike simply does not work for some researchers. We actually had one such researcher standing next to another researcher, both using Spirit Mikes. But one researcher was getting great EVPs and the other one none. Swapping the Mikes did no good, the one who received no EVPs still did not receive any. This was perplexing to say the least.

Recently we became aware of the Hawkins scale of consciousness. This is a scale from 0 to 1,000. We now understand that the consciousness level of the operator of the Mike is the determining factor of how well the Mike works. Basically, for a Sony digital recorder, the level must be over 400 to receive EVPs. This level can be either the level of the operator, or the spirit, but one must exceed 400. Since most earth bound spirits will not have a level over 400, this limits most EVP work to researchers with a consciousness level over 400. Note that the averalge consciousness level of the people in the US is around 300, but that most investigators will measure higher than that. However for the Tennessee Ghost Mike the minimum level is 435, and the minimum level for the Tennessee Ghost Mike to work BETTER than the Sony digital recorder is 495.

Going back to our original researhers we found that the two that got the best results measured at around 650 and 700, and the one that got good, but not great results measured at about 550.

Because we cannot be assured that the Mike will work with the person who is wanting to use it, we have decided to quite making and selling them. We plan on making the plans available soon so anyone really interested in researching this technology can still make their own though.

Tennessee Spirit Mike Manual

Contact Information

email: mdudley@king-cart.com
Phone: 865-966-2444

The schematic of the spirit mike can be downloaded here: Schematic, Parts List, and the pcb drawing here PC board layout. The PCBoard can be brought up in the freeware program ExpressPCB. The detector is an EmFit ( http://emfit.com) 15-M S series detector, cost around $50. Sound absorbtion is accomplished by putting two layers of armacell TAP18230 (available at Home Depot or Lowes) under it, and one over it. The pigtail of the detector MUST be enclosed in electrical tape as the edges will short out if you don't. The supply is 2 9 V batteries.