What is a Ghost?

Different phenomena can be called a ghost. There are at least 3 categories of phenomena we will discuss here.

1. Poltergeist literally means "noisy ghost".

Many people consider a poltergeist to be a ghost. Most research has indicated that most of the time there is no ghost involved at all, but rather a psi phenomona relating to mind over matter. In most cases there will be one or more people just reaching adolescence, and they are normally the source of the energy as well as the intellegence of the phenomena. This is not to say they can control it, or are even aware that they are the source. When this is the case the events will usually stop as the child grows out of adolescence.

There can also be cases where a true entity is labeled a poltergeist. These will normally occur infrequently, or tend to be attached to a place as opposed to a person. In this case the source of the activity can be a disembodied spirit, or even a demon. Normally when these occur there will be other indications of an entity, such as seeing orbs, apparitions, hearing noises, mumbling, or speech, and of course showing up on EVP's if they are recorded.

2. Discarnate people

Most people consider a ghost to be a discarnate person, that is the spirit or soul of a person who has died. I believe that in most cases this is exactly what is seen. In a few cases what appears to be a ghost could be an entity which was never incarnate, and can be a demon or even an angel or other being in a plane near the physical plane. However the vast majority of ghosts are I believe nothing more than discarnate people.

The reason they are a ghost is because in this free will universe, a spirit or soul does not have to go on to the other side once they separate from the body. That is they can turn away from the light. There can be many reasons for this. They could be afraid of judgement because of what they have done in their life, they could be confused, even not realizing they are dead. They could have a strong pull to the physical from some type of addiction such as drug, alcohol, sex and so forth, and want to stay near the physical so they can feed off others that have the same addiction. Some may want to stay around to make sure their loved ones are ok, and may even want to try to be a guardian for a spouse, child or other loved one. Some may want to return to the physical and will attempt to enter another's body at the time of birth, or via possession, but normally cannot do so. They do not realize the route to reincarnation is to go to the light, most likely because they do not believe in reincarnation.

Regardless of why they are earthbound, they still retain their own personality, from when they were alive. If we divide the souls into what is termed "service to self" and "service to others", those remaining behind will tend to those that were "service to self". Thus although you can find many who are wanting help from you, but few that are interested in doing anything to help you. Many are tricksters, and many are evil, so it is always good to ask for protection any time you are in an area where activity is reported

3. Hauntings

Hanutings are normally considered to be a embedded energy that is left behind in places where there was a lot of emotion felt, usually negative emotions, primarily fear. Why these traces remain, or how they result in an almost movie type repetition of a previous event has never been explained, at least until now. Normally a haunting will be an event that can be seen, heard, or picked up via recording, that appears to be an echo of something that happened long ago, and does not interact, or even be aware of the present environment.

The following is what we think causes most if not all hauntings. The ideas are contraversial, and you may not be able to accept them for one or more reasons. But it is the ONLY explaination we have found that makes sense as to the source and why they happen.

First we need to cover a little background. This will involve both phychology as well as metaphysical concepts. When a person is exposed to something that they cannot handle, then their conciousness can withdraw and go into hiding. This is referred to as disassociation, and can result into a splintering of the spirit or soul, which causes multiple personality disorder. The normal way of reuniting the pieces of the splintered spirit is to get the person to remember the event, and work through their fear of it. If this is done successfully, then the splintered portion that went into hiding will come back and reunite with the soul, and it will be healed. However if this is not accomplished while incarnate, then the soul or spirit is still splintered upon death. The main portion goes wherehere it goes, but the splintered portion cannot do anything as long as it is in hiding. The only way this portion can become untrapped is to experience the event, and lose it's fear of it. However this cannot be done unless the splinter has an opportunity to experience and lose it's fear of the event. Thus as part of God's mercy, the soul splinter is exposed to the event over and over through time to offer it the opportunity of facing and conquering it's fear, so that once it is able to do this, it can rejoin (I assume) the main soul and progress. It is this replaying of a traumatic event that is seen, heard, or picked up as an EVP which is thought to be a haunting. If and when a soul is finally able to face the event and work through it's fear of the event, then it will progress, and the haunting will stop.

Support for this concept can be found at: What does it mean when you do have a soul, what does it mean when you have a division of that soul and you have different fragments? which states:

"If you are fully identified with the soul and then you experience a situation that either gives you fear or other negative feelings, the conscious you might decide that it will not take responsibility for that situation. It wants to withdraw and hide from the experience. As it does so, the soul, as its vehicle, fragments and a part of the energy of the soul withdraws into a little hole that it creates for itself, where it can hide from the experience that it cannot bear.

This energy will remain there until it is set free. And in some cases the energy might be attached to a specific place in time or a specific place in the material universe. For example, some soul fragments can be attached to a house where a person lived and that is what some people call ghosts. However, ghosts can also be disembodied spirits that are not soul fragments."

Also What happens to lost fragments of the soul?:

"There are many places where soul fragments can become stuck. One of the most common places is the material world itself. For example, many houses are said to be haunted by former owners. The reason is that a substantial soul fragment of a former owner has become attached to that house. If the soul fragment is not large enough to maintain a separate sense of identity, it cannot evolve, and therefore it remains attached to the house for a very long period of time."

It has also come to my attention that some Holistic Practitioners such as Phillip Montrose ( Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT and other books ) have also identified multiple personalities as being splintered souls.

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